The Day I Woke Up At 5AM For A Hike Up Broga Hill

If you know me, you would know I am not one who willingly puts on a pair of sports shoes, sports bra and thighs. I am clearly not the fittest person around and I could care less about being part of the #fitfam.

I’d rather spend my Sunday mornings sleeping in and slowly peel myself out of my bed when my tummy starts grumbling. But sometimes, I surprise myself and do the unexpected.


About 2 months ago, I joined my friends for a hike up Broga Hill on a drizzly Sunday morning. You could imagine how difficult it was to wake up at 5AM only to realize it is the perfect weather for sleeping in.

Truthfully, I have never hiked before and I didn’t really know what to expect. To my surprise, Broga Hill wasn’t that difficult but it was definitely tiring. It took roughly over an hour to get up to the top and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who would sacrifice sleep on a Sunday morning for a hike up this hill.

I started my journey around 6.30AM in the morning and it was almost pitch black, making it difficult to see what was ahead of me and where I was going. Following a group of people infront of me, I trust that they know where they were going and slowly saw some rays of sunlight surfacing as it got closer to 7AM.

It was a beautiful breezy and cooling morning and the air definitely doesn’t get any fresher than that. I started my journey feeling slightly cold but bearable. It got better as time goes on and my body started generating more heat to overcome the cold. Before I know it, I was breaking out in sweats.

Some stretches are definitely more difficult than others and requires a bit more patience and upper body strength. At certain steeper areas, I was quite terrified I that I would fall and create a domino effect, rolling off the trail onto the next person behind me. Thankfully, none of that happened and I manage to make it up there in one piece!

I was greeted by a beautiful view overlooking palm oil estates, housing areas and whole lot of greenery. I have never seen a view quite like this and I was genuinely quite pleased and it definitely made the early morning call worth it.



I told myself I would never do this again but looking back, I think it is worth another shot but maybe to see the sunset this time.

I’ve been very obsessed with white dresses lately because it is so perfect for dressing up or down! Since it is a plain on its own, I paired them with lots of accessories to make this outfit more dressed up! Also, the black sandals ties the outfit together and makes it very casual, perfect for a day out.


A closer look of my arm candy which I absolutely love!

Alone Time Is So Underrated

I am somebody who loves to dress up, get out of the house, socialize and have a good day out with friends. Rarely do I ever say no to a lunch date, movie date, shopping or catching up sessions, because I enjoy the company of others around me. In fact, I am game for almost anything. I even say yes to sports even though I am physically unfit because why not?

Some may say I am an extrovert, but really I think I just genuinely enjoy being around people I love and being out and about instead of being confined in my room. Also, you should also know that I love attending events because it is fun!

While I enjoy my time out of the house, I do realize that I love my time alone and I find it important to have ‘me time’ every once in a while to clear my head and focus on myself. It’s quality time between my heart and my mind. It is a time where I reconnect with my emotions, feelings, my hobbies and things around me.

I had this sudden realization when I was in bed catching up on my TV series one night. I haven’t been following my TV series for awhile now and that 45 minutes spent watching ‘This Is Us’ made me realize how I haven’t had me time in awhile now and I truly missed it.

I enjoy shopping alone and I find it therapeutic and enjoyable to take my own sweet time browsing through clothes in store and picking outfits that I’d like to try. Once, I spent 2 hours visiting 3 retail outlets because it was that therapeutic to take my time and shop.

I am not one who likes to eat alone. If I had a choice, I rather not. But on days when I am enjoying moments of solitude, I’d whip up a meal and binge watch Youtube videos while eating. It’s funny how I am a horrible cook but I enjoy cooking myself meals, even if it involves it being over or under salted.

With everything moving so faced pace, I tend to forget how important it is to care for myself and put myself first before others. I overlook the little things in life because time waits for no man. But alone time reminds me to also care for myself and maybe going off the grid for awhile is also a good idea.

I might just toy around with that idea for now.

Autumn/Winter in Tokyo

I’ve heard a lot about Japan prior to my trip. It is supposedly THE country which has a lot to offer throughout all four seasons and the city looks equally beautiful throughout the year.

I am a HUGE fan of Japanese food and I couldn’t wait to devour into all the yummy goodness once I arrive the Japanese shores!

I stayed in Tokyo for a week or so and I had ample of time to explore what this city had to offer. While it was supposedly winter in Japan, I still managed to catch the last glimpse of autumn, killing two birds with one stone!


Asakusa Temple (Sensō-ji)

The oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo! The area leading up to the temple is pretty scenic and filled with rows of shops selling food and souvenir among many other things!



Besides the temple and the rows of shop houses, Asakusa is an area worth visiting because the area itself is beautiful and has so much to offer! Walking away from the temple, I found myself in a beautiful and scenic area which I guess can be categorized as a park.


In true Japanese style, it is extremely zen and perfect for a walk. The thing about Japanese winter is, the sun is still extremely bright and the cold isn’t too cold, making it the perfect combo!



Few days later, winter was beginning to make an entrance and the leaves turned really yellow and the trees started balding really quick. When the wind blows, it was literally snowing leaves, super pretty and dreamy!!


Almost bald!

I also went to the infamous Tsukiji Fish Market and had a feast! The seafood there was really fresh and so much food was sold there! I enjoyed trying out authentic local food and was definitely spoilt rotten.






The hustle and bustle of Shibuya. Amidst all the chaos, the Japanese people are pretty organized and orderly. This is literally the busiest crossing in the world, yet it isn’t in total chaos, amazing!


Roppongi Hills 

Roppongi Hills is an upper-class area which explains why it is pretty quiet. The winter illumination here is really beautiful, making it very romantic and dreamy to walk along the sidewalks at night!

Influence Asia 2017

This is my first time ever attending an award show and I have pretty high expectations since it was massively hyped up. If you don’t already know what Influence Asia is, it is Asia’s largest social media award show.

In today’s day and age, social media is widely used for business and marketing apart from personal usage. In order for one to continue staying relevant in this young and blooming industry, you’ve got to have an engaging and interesting content. For that, there’s a lot of creativity that is involved that people don’t see and I think this is a good way of appreciating their creative work!


Since I had 4 tickets, I brought 3 of my girlfriends along!


My company for the night and heck, we all look as fine as ever! We’ve even got a few people taking videos of us and some asking  which of us is up for an award this evening.


My office bae, I wouldn’t know what I would do without her! While I didn’t get to sit with her during the event, I’m so glad we manage to even take a few pictures where we’re both dressed up compared to our hobo looks on weekdays.

I also had a media pass which grants me access to the press room and I got to meet tons of influencers, youtubers and other celebs.


At the red carpet and here’s Eunice Annabel being interviewed!

the-nat-channel-influence-asia-2017-malaysia-kuala-lumpur-night-owl-cinematic-noc-singaporean-youtubersHere’s one with one of my favourite Singaporean youtubers, N.O.C!  I’ve been watching their youtube videos for the longest time and I genuinely love the type of content they create especially when they throw in some Hokkien words to make it really local and authentic.


I manage to get a picture with Yebin and Yuli! Two incredibly cute korean girls who are more famous than I was at their age. Both their mums were up for Top Parenting award and Yebin’s mum won yet again.


Here’s one with Liane V! A talented individual who sings, dance and model! She created very interesting and engaging content on Vine and quickly rose to fame when the app was popular. She is such a humble individual and she has such a happy vibe!


The night started with Lion City Boy as the opening act and it continues with DEFAM, Project EAR, Tulus and of course, the much anticipated – Jessica Jung!

I ended the night with my girls in a cafe. Instead of partying away in the club at the after party, we took it slow and bonded over food. I love doing girly things like this – dressing up, going for events looking pretty and hanging out with girlfriends.


Thank you girls for the great night out and for accompanying me for this event!


ALSO, I met one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE youtubers/vloggers Judy and Benji Travis, or better know as ItsJudysLife! I attended the press conference the day before and had an opportunity to take a picture with both of them! They were incredibly humble and happy, just like how they’re like in the vlogs, except this time I’m seeing them in flesh and meat!

Tokyo Disneysea

This is the ONLY sea themed Disney theme park in the entire world (for now) and that itself should excite anyone! It is located within the same region as Tokyo Disneyland and both parks are right beside each other.

Prior to my trip, I read a lot of mixed reviews about Disneysea. Some said it is better than Disneyland and others said it is nothing great. Not knowing which to believe, I went for it anyway since I was already in Tokyo.


I went to Disneysea bright and early (9am) and it was partially cloudy but the sun eventually came out at around noon!



In Disneyland, this would be the main street of USA, not sure if it is the same here in Disneysea! Anyway, since I went around Christmas period, the decor was up and the atmosphere was lovely! The light breezy Japanese winter made it felt so much like Christmas.


Feeling the Cali vibe in Tokyo.

So everyone is given a chance to redeem fast past tickets for certain rides and made full use of it! It really cuts waiting time by a whole lot because the theme park was surprisingly filled with locals and not tourist. I’m guessing they are annual pass holders.


Little Mermaid – Under The Sea.

The little girl in me was EXTREMELY happy!! If you know me, you’d know that I love bright and pastel colours and this is exactly where I would fit in!!! Nevermind the ride was childish, the aesthetics and environment made me a happy kid.



I’ve never been to any Mediterranean country but I am in awe of this beautiful replica architecture. These were cafes and restaurants for patrons to dine. I tried their infamous turkey leg and it was finger licking good!


Tower of Terror!

I’ve sat on this ride in Paris Disneyland and gave it a miss in Disneysea because it is essentially the same ride and the queue time was over 100 minutes for this. True to its name, the drop when it reaches the top is sudden and in my opinion probably the best ride in this theme park!


The atmosphere at the main street after the sun sets, festive and romantic. I’m a sucker for these type of atmosphere and it would be such a perfect date night idea to be here. Imagine having a hand to hold while walking down this street along with a hot chocolate to sip on.


Toyville – Toy Story!

This is the most HYPED up ride and I didn’t manage to ride on it. The fast past for the day has already finished when I arrived and that made me want to see what’s it all about even more! But the unreasonable queue time of 120 minutes was something I couldn’t bring myself to do.


Disneysea didn’t have a castle, nor does it have a parade to end the evening. Instead, they had a lights and water show by the volcano. It was definitely freezing cold sitting out here on a winter night at 6pm waiting for the show to start, but I guess you can say it was worth it as it is unlike the ones in Disneyland!


The night ended with some spectacular fireworks!

While I enjoyed myself in Disneysea, I didn’t think it was a spectacular theme park. I still prefer Disneyland over this sea-themed park!