A platform unfamiliar to many but worthy of a mention.

Charis essentially is a Korean beauty platform for like-minded individuals to meet one another and also be exposed to the world of Korean beauty products.

Here, you’ll be able to also shop for the latest Korean beauty products, read the reviews and also get a very detailed description of it.

Awhile ago, they sent me a beauty box which I have since tried on the mask!

Look at the pretty packaging! I was absolutely in love with it at first sight.

I didn’t take the best picture but I guess this would do! There’s a cucumber mask below which I tried! I briefly tried the blending puff – a very soft squishy sponge which is suppose to blend my make-up evenly! The only problem is that I don’t quite use make-up.

Slightly over a week ago, I came home to another package from them. This time, it is a bottle of lotion which is made from organic ingredients! The inner health freak in me was excited to try it on.


Unlike regular lotion, this came in a fairly compact size and I loved how it is contained in a pump bottle! Super convenient and I wouldn’t need to worry about how I have contaminated the remaining bottle of lotion, perfect!

I’ve briefly used this a couple of times now. Comparing to what I am used to, this is very light and almost similar to the texture of a moisturizer. Not sure if it’s because it is made from organic ingredients or have I just been used to slapping a lot of lotion and body butter on myself.

I am overall really happy with this! Definitely gonna use Charis much more now, even though I am not quite a beauty guru myself. But, I for sure do care about how I look and feel, exactly why I slap on lotion every other day and do face mask when I feel my face is dry!


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