My Thoughts On SnapChat

I am aware that I am very late to the party. I just jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon and I was wondering why didn’t I download this earlier?!

They say, “The Queen is never late, everyone else is simply too early.” 

It has been two months since I started using it and here’s what I think of it.

The very first night I downloaded it, I wasn’t very sure on how to operate this new app – just like every other new platform we use. It took a few days before familiarising myself with it. I asked my friends on how a few things work and woalah!, I am now just like every other seasoned Snapchat user.

I went to work the following day and snap tons of pictures of random things in the office. That was when I realize that this app is both battery and data consuming. My phone battery usually last me till I get off work and arrive home but I found myself needing to charge my phone in the office around 3pm. As for data, when I was out of the office I continued snapping – only to receive a text from my service provider that I have exceeded 80% of data usage for that month.


I’m not too sure what to think of the idea of my snaps disappearing after 24hours. This is the reason why I didn’t want to use it initially because I want to be able to look back at my snaps few months or years down the line and remember the things I snapped.

I found a solution to this, which is to post it up on Twitter after. This does make me feel like I’m doing double the work though. Also, thankfully there’s something called “Memories” now. So my snaps are sort of saved there and it is kind of like my private timeline of snaps.

The very reason why I downloaded this app was because I happen to come across really nice location stickers which people posted on Instagram. I thought it would be very cool, to take a good picture and also have a location. So for example, if I am in Paris, taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower the location would come out below – pretty! I later then found out this plan of mine would backfire if I don’t have Internet, *insert real tears.

I fell in love with the filters that Snapchat offers. I don’t think anyone disagrees with me on this because man they do make my skin look extra flawless and I am not even joking. I didn’t think too much of the filters when I see people post them on Facebook / Instagram, but I learned how to appreciate it when I started using it myself. This app is DEFINITELY made for selfie queens like me, I mean where else can I post 100 selfies without being judged?


Being able to see who has seen my snap is like Whatsapp’s blue tick. I don’t find myself hating or loving this particular function as I don’t see an added value in it. Could this be because I am only following a small number of people? I guess this makes more sense of celebs who use Snapchat for work purposes and the views would translate into engagement, etc.

I do love this app. It provides me with another outlet of posting my daily rambles, pictures and short videos (as if Twitter didn’t already provide me with that platform). But I guess, Snapchat feels more intimate. It’s like being a part of someone’s everyday life through the screen. The best part about it is how it doesn’t have to be “perfect”.

But, I’m questioning on how much can I possibly snap? My days are more or the less the same because let’s face it I am no celeb and I lead a pretty simple life. There’s only so much breakfast, lunch, dinner and short clips I can update before my content becomes very repetitive. I see this as another platform where people are essentially comparing their lives. The whole “my life is better than yours” notion is definitely prevalent especially since this app relies on live updates.

Anyway, follow me to have a peep into my life: sparklingnatt


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