Alone Time Is So Underrated

I am somebody who loves to dress up, get out of the house, socialize and have a good day out with friends. Rarely do I ever say no to a lunch date, movie date, shopping or catching up sessions, because I enjoy the company of others around me. In fact, I am game for almost anything. I even say yes to sports even though I am physically unfit because why not?

Some may say I am an extrovert, but really I think I just genuinely enjoy being around people I love and being out and about instead of being confined in my room. Also, you should also know that I love attending events because it is fun!

While I enjoy my time out of the house, I do realize that I love my time alone and I find it important to have ‘me time’ every once in a while to clear my head and focus on myself. It’s quality time between my heart and my mind. It is a time where I reconnect with my emotions, feelings, my hobbies and things around me.

I had this sudden realization when I was in bed catching up on my TV series one night. I haven’t been following my TV series for awhile now and that 45 minutes spent watching ‘This Is Us’ made me realize how I haven’t had me time in awhile now and I truly missed it.

I enjoy shopping alone and I find it therapeutic and enjoyable to take my own sweet time browsing through clothes in store and picking outfits that I’d like to try. Once, I spent 2 hours visiting 3 retail outlets because it was that therapeutic to take my time and shop.

I am not one who likes to eat alone. If I had a choice, I rather not. But on days when I am enjoying moments of solitude, I’d whip up a meal and binge watch Youtube videos while eating. It’s funny how I am a horrible cook but I enjoy cooking myself meals, even if it involves it being over or under salted.

With everything moving so faced pace, I tend to forget how important it is to care for myself and put myself first before others. I overlook the little things in life because time waits for no man. But alone time reminds me to also care for myself and maybe going off the grid for awhile is also a good idea.

I might just toy around with that idea for now.

Influence Asia 2017

This is my first time ever attending an award show and I have pretty high expectations since it was massively hyped up. If you don’t already know what Influence Asia is, it is Asia’s largest social media award show.

In today’s day and age, social media is widely used for business and marketing apart from personal usage. In order for one to continue staying relevant in this young and blooming industry, you’ve got to have an engaging and interesting content. For that, there’s a lot of creativity that is involved that people don’t see and I think this is a good way of appreciating their creative work!


Since I had 4 tickets, I brought 3 of my girlfriends along!


My company for the night and heck, we all look as fine as ever! We’ve even got a few people taking videos of us and some asking  which of us is up for an award this evening.


My office bae, I wouldn’t know what I would do without her! While I didn’t get to sit with her during the event, I’m so glad we manage to even take a few pictures where we’re both dressed up compared to our hobo looks on weekdays.

I also had a media pass which grants me access to the press room and I got to meet tons of influencers, youtubers and other celebs.


At the red carpet and here’s Eunice Annabel being interviewed!

the-nat-channel-influence-asia-2017-malaysia-kuala-lumpur-night-owl-cinematic-noc-singaporean-youtubersHere’s one with one of my favourite Singaporean youtubers, N.O.C!  I’ve been watching their youtube videos for the longest time and I genuinely love the type of content they create especially when they throw in some Hokkien words to make it really local and authentic.


I manage to get a picture with Yebin and Yuli! Two incredibly cute korean girls who are more famous than I was at their age. Both their mums were up for Top Parenting award and Yebin’s mum won yet again.


Here’s one with Liane V! A talented individual who sings, dance and model! She created very interesting and engaging content on Vine and quickly rose to fame when the app was popular. She is such a humble individual and she has such a happy vibe!


The night started with Lion City Boy as the opening act and it continues with DEFAM, Project EAR, Tulus and of course, the much anticipated – Jessica Jung!

I ended the night with my girls in a cafe. Instead of partying away in the club at the after party, we took it slow and bonded over food. I love doing girly things like this – dressing up, going for events looking pretty and hanging out with girlfriends.


Thank you girls for the great night out and for accompanying me for this event!


ALSO, I met one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE youtubers/vloggers Judy and Benji Travis, or better know as ItsJudysLife! I attended the press conference the day before and had an opportunity to take a picture with both of them! They were incredibly humble and happy, just like how they’re like in the vlogs, except this time I’m seeing them in flesh and meat!

Friendship Is A Weird Thing

I’ve had my fair share of forming and ending friendships growing up and I realize that this term ‘friendship‘ is a very weird and strange thing. One day you’re friends and the next day you’re not. How does one go from being friends to strangers without having any problems, misunderstanding or fights? Are we strangers, acquaintances or still friends?

I have to say, I am grateful for those who stayed by my (crazy) side. Whether it has been a year long, 5 year long or a 10-year long friendship, I appreciate all of them and genuinely hope for it to continue till our old age.

There was a girl that I met back when we were 14 and I don’t remember us speaking much. At most, we would run into each other in school or at events. I build my image of her based on what I heard, what I see and what I understand.

At a certain point in life, we didn’t get along. I would say hate is a strong word and dislike would be more or less accurate description of our state of friendship back then.

Fast forward 5 years later, we crossed path again and reconnected. This time, we became more than just acquaintances and as cliche as it sounds, the rest was history! I can’t pinpoint the exact moment this happened but I’d like to think that having many mutual friends between us definitely eased the process.

We share the same interest – shopping, eating and taking pictures, making it very easy to get along and hang out. Also, we conveniently live 10 minutes away from each other, perfect distance for us to hang out but also have some space. We grew closer through our common interest, circle of friends and enjoyment of each others company.

We went on trips together, pigged out and collapse, stayed awake for 48 hours, took over 1000 pictures, shopped till we went broke and laughed at our own jokes. Time spent together is always fun and there’s never a dull moment with this ball of happiness. Within the last 2 years, we’ve definitely grown closer and who would have thought we would be this close today?

How odd is it growing close to an individual you once didn’t get along with and drifting apart from those we thought we were close to? As they say, ‘what’s meant to be, will be‘.


To this girl right here, Happy 23rd Birthday! May we share more adventure, food, clothing and accessories with each other till we’re old and frail.

I love you my partner-in-crime!


What People Don’t Know About Liberal Arts Students

Once upon a time, I was an arts student who majored in International Studies. My friends used to question me on what were my dreams and aspirations. They didn’t know too much about what I was studying and I don’t blame them because I was once like that.

Just to briefly explain what I used to study, I learned about the international relations between states, international bodies and non-state actors. It includes but is not limited to understanding the patterns and behaviours of nation-states, power, wealth, war and peace, conflict and cooperation, sovereignty and so on.

It is very exciting and interesting because it also touches on identity, religion, cultural backgrounds, resources you own, the place you live in and other aspects of our daily lives. This makes it somewhat relatable to everyday life and it becomes more exciting because we can relate and form a better understanding.

As a liberal art student, I clocked in the least amount of lectures and seminars (8 – 12 hours) but here’s what you didn’t know about me.

I have a massive amount of readings to do weekly, I’m not even joking. Taking 4 units per semester, with each unit having roughly 3-4 readings per week, that would be something between 12 – 16 journal articles in a week. Let’s not even talk about the length of these articles because it’s just going to make one faint.

Okay, maybe reading journal articles isn’t that bad after all right? Now, we probably have the least amount of classes so some reading should hurt nobody. Yes, very true indeed. But I just wanted to highlight that the amount of after hours put in is much more significant than other schools (maybe, except law school).


Here’s another fact, I am not actually all that smart. I just sound smart when making an argument because that’s all we ever practice for. As an international studies major, the title sounds more glamorous and prestigious than it actually is. Beneath my glamorous title, I am just an average girl next door who loves the colour pink.

When it comes to assignments or exams for that matter, it’s all about writing and forming the best argument (that’s how I became good at it 😉 ). With each essay being 3,000-6,000 words long and between 6-8 essays per semester, I basically could have written a book in a semester.

Let’s not forget the nights I spend slaving away trying to look for materials, resources and journals. I spend my a huge chunk of my time reading endless materials to come up with an argument, so don’t be too surprise that I am partially good at this! (yay, me 😉 ) But of course, nobody sees the amount of hours that is put in and journals read prior to writing. I can honestly say I dedicate the majority of my days and nights to just purely reading journals and looking for the best resources. AND, writing the essay is honestly the easiest part.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a social life because honestly, it seems like liberal arts students have one of the better social lives compared to others. We probably have a lot of time out of lecture hours to do things we like, be it meeting up with friends over coffee, going to the gym on a regular basis or even binge watching a certain tv series. We do have a lot of time to spare and that’s the best part 😉 I once had 3 day week classes and that means 4 day weekends for me for that semester! It was pretty awesome I must say.

Just to briefly mention, Politics and International Studies comes hand-in-hand and I also studied bits of politics. For starters, not everyone who majors in this wants to be politicians. In fact, only a small percentage are looking for a career in the political sphere. I get questioned a lot by friends on whether I want to be a politician since I majored in this. The answer is no, I never had an intention and interest. Being a diplomat might still be a possibility but a politician is definitely out of the question.

How can I forget that I minored in Communication which also falls under liberal arts?! Well, this is a pretty darn interesting minor to have because I briefly touched on Film Studies and Journalism. As the subject suggest, Film Studies is about movies. And watching movies was actually part of my studies, how awesome was that?! I mean, never in my wildest dream did I think watching movies could actually be part of my academic studies.

Speaking about communication, most people I’ve met are very doubtful and clueless about this and they always assume that it is communication between two parties and who would ever need to do a degree in this?! Also, I must add that the stereotype about Communication student being the ‘dumber’ ones are highly incorrect. We’re not your rejected kids who didn’t get into Engineering or IT School. Not everyone likes to deal with calculations, science or programming, deal with it.

Life is not as easy as it looks. I may have clocked in the least number of hours in university but probably have one of the most extra hours or over-time as they call it in the workforce. Life isn’t a bed full of roses and don’t assume liberal arts is the easiest course out there because it certainly looks easier than it seems.

From Best Friends To Lovers

6 years ago we were two individuals who got along and naturally became best friends out of sheer enjoyment of each other’s company. 2 years later little did we know, the enjoyment of each other’s company had a touch of chemistry which ignited the flames between us. Here we are 4 years later feeling happier than ever. This is our love story.


Earlier in 2008, I have gotten to know about this shy boy who had just transferred. I briefly knew about his existence through mutual friends but our paths barely crossed and eyes barely met. All I knew was that he was a talented squash player who won multiple competitions, receiving a fair bit of recognition from the school. Impressive, but not impressive enough for me to want to get to know him better.

Merely by chance, we became classmates in 2010 and we were stuck with each other for two whole years. During this period of time, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and that was the beginning of our blossoming friendship. It was easy because we had the same circle of friends. Within that circle, he was the one I was closest to.


I enjoyed our friendship, appreciated his time and loved his presence. Everything about our friendship developed so naturally and kinda perfect I must add. We spend a lot of time talking about songs and music amongst other things. We don’t see eye to eye on this topic and I often joke that he belongs to our parents’ generation. When he is hooked to a song, he shares with me. Only to realize I introduced the song to him before when it wasn’t popular and he didn’t approve of it. Let’s just say this cycle repeats itself throughout our friendship (even though he denies it).

Fast forward to senior year, we were definitely very close and I guess the term “best friends” would be appropriate to be used now. We were almost inseparable and sometimes mistaken as a couple. Truth be told, I enjoyed his company all the time. I always feel at ease when I’m with him, never needed to act my age or my shoe size for that matter.

I didn’t think much of our friendship and didn’t think it would develop past the best friends stage. Reason being, we were both seeing other people. That was something that constantly reminded me what was deemed acceptable and the lines that I should not cross.

A year later, that grey area that existed between us slowly faded and the fine lines slowly erased. Before we knew it, we were falling in love – like how our friends predicted. And yes, this all happened after our previous relationships ended.

The transition

The lines were blurred, slowly erased and eventually vanished. It was so easy to fall in love with my best friend, it was so easy for us to go beyond best friends.

We took things slowly, did things in secrecy and failed to inform any of our friends about it. We wanted things to be perfect and nobody needed to know about it while we were still figuring it out ourselves. It involved many late night calls, multiple texts and a couple of dates. Suddenly the boy who used to mock and annoy me is now chasing after me, very amusing I must add.

It took some adjustments. In fact, it took me awhile before I realize that IT IS happening. The intimate aspect of our relationship was something new for us. The touch of chemistry wasn’t enough. We had to physically get used to this new arrangement and it might have involved a couple of biology classes. The best part of it has to be how it all happened naturally and comfortably – timing was indeed everything.


I fell in love with my best friend, by choice and by chance. I fell in love with his company first then his personality. It is the silence between us that never gets awkward and love between us that grows every day. I choose to give us a chance – knowing that if things ended up badly, I would not only be losing my boyfriend but also my best friend. They said, high-risk high returns right?

Love works in a very funny way which I fail to completely comprehend. What makes us fall in love with the other person? If only it was as easy as pointing fingers at how it is all written in the stars and it is something out of our control.

4 years later, my only wish was that this happened earlier and my only hope is for this to be my happily ever after.

Happy 4th anniversary my lover boy, I love you!

A CNY To Remember

GONG XI FA CAI! A Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

For the last 22 years, this yearly affair of celebrating the start of a new year on the lunar calendar has been pretty routine and borderline mundane. I visit the same people,  eat the same type of food, go to the same places and it has always been a semi-fixed routine.

Well, not until this year.


2017 marks the year I gave my immediate family their very first ang pow. I figured this is a milestone in life worthy to be noted down on the world wide web because at 22 I’m able to give a red packet which has a greater meaning beneath the amount given. Also, it was pretty priceless seeing the smiles on their faces.

For the first time ever, I spent the first 3 days of Chinese New Year in bed. I even joked with my mum that we should have bought new sets of pajamas instead of new clothes because we didn’t even have a chance to wear it apart from the first day.


Right after this picture, I had my lunch and soon after that the fever started kicking in and the stomach ache and diarrhea rolled in. I was down with really bad food poisoning for the first time in my life and it was such a terrible experience which I’ll never forget.

It started with me feeling like my body temperature rising real fast and before I know it my stomach was aching real bad. I spent the rest of my day lying in bed till dinner time where I decided to take a bath before having my dinner. I stood up and my vision was turning white, hands were feeling cold. My bones were aching, something I don’t normally feel. It’s the type of pain which comes from an inner part of my bone and boy, it hurts.

There was literally nothing I can do to make myself feel better apart from lying down helplessly in a crunch position. For the next 2 days, I continued staying in bed and eating bland food. Thankfully, my fever went away after the second day although the stomach ache and diarrhea stayed on.

And that was how I spend my Chinese New Year. I visited a record-breaking of 1 house during this period and it was my Godfather’s house because I needed to pass him a gift. Other than that, I passed every other open house and skipped house visiting because the excruciating stomach ache was taking a toll on my body.

What a way to usher in the new year, but nevertheless I am much better now and this is definitely a Chinese New Year to remember.

Of Freeloaders And Cheapskates

Where do I begin?

Let’s take it from the top and give a definition to this term. Freeloaders are people take advantage of other people’s generosity without giving anything in return (or feeling guilty about it).

It is a natural and common gesture to offer others a ride,  your place to stay when they’re visiting, some money when they’re facing financial difficulties or a packet of chocolate which you’ve just opened up. After all, it doesn’t hurt to be kind to one another.

When the receiver gets too comfortable, that’s when we have a problem. Freeloaders are everywhere and it all boils down to the degree of them being cheap. I’ve come across an extreme degree of freeloader and let me just say, once they start, they don’t know when to stop. It’s like you’ve just gotten yourself a new baggage which says excessive all over it.

Before I forget, let me make an important point. When we offer, we shouldn’t be expecting anything in return (or so I was taught). But the receiver should also know how to reciprocate because human relationships are a two-way street and there should be a give and take in every situation.

What pisses me off the most is when others just take without have any intentions to give in return or feel guilty about it. What makes me mad is when others have the audacity to demand for more or make an assumption that we want to give. What irritates me is when they become an excessive baggage which tags along on trips without feeling guilty. Miss, you’re actually unwanted on this trip, please don’t make yourself too comfortable.

How can one practice such a way of life? And let’s not even include wealth in the equation. Let’s just say the cheapskates I have encountered come from relatively well to do families who are not facing any financial difficulties. I would have been able to sympathize with people who are scraping by but not with those who actually have extra cash to spare. This boils down to individual personality and perspective in life.

I’ve come to a conclusion that this boils down to individual personality and perspective in life. These people are not going to feel a pinch of guilt and are borderline ignorant in some circumstances. They won’t realize that they are sometimes an inconvenience to others. They don’t understand that they are sometimes a nuisance and a waste of space.

The only way around this is to cut ties from these toxic people. Once they start leeching, that’s when you should bid your last goodbye.

This post was fueled by anger and based on a series of events but nobody was harmed in the process 🙂