Autumn/Winter in Tokyo

I’ve heard a lot about Japan prior to my trip. It is supposedly THE country which has a lot to offer throughout all four seasons and the city looks equally beautiful throughout the year.

I am a HUGE fan of Japanese food and I couldn’t wait to devour into all the yummy goodness once I arrive the Japanese shores!

I stayed in Tokyo for a week or so and I had ample of time to explore what this city had to offer. While it was supposedly winter in Japan, I still managed to catch the last glimpse of autumn, killing two birds with one stone!


Asakusa Temple (Sensō-ji)

The oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo! The area leading up to the temple is pretty scenic and filled with rows of shops selling food and souvenir among many other things!



Besides the temple and the rows of shop houses, Asakusa is an area worth visiting because the area itself is beautiful and has so much to offer! Walking away from the temple, I found myself in a beautiful and scenic area which I guess can be categorized as a park.


In true Japanese style, it is extremely zen and perfect for a walk. The thing about Japanese winter is, the sun is still extremely bright and the cold isn’t too cold, making it the perfect combo!



Few days later, winter was beginning to make an entrance and the leaves turned really yellow and the trees started balding really quick. When the wind blows, it was literally snowing leaves, super pretty and dreamy!!


Almost bald!

I also went to the infamous Tsukiji Fish Market and had a feast! The seafood there was really fresh and so much food was sold there! I enjoyed trying out authentic local food and was definitely spoilt rotten.






The hustle and bustle of Shibuya. Amidst all the chaos, the Japanese people are pretty organized and orderly. This is literally the busiest crossing in the world, yet it isn’t in total chaos, amazing!


Roppongi Hills 

Roppongi Hills is an upper-class area which explains why it is pretty quiet. The winter illumination here is really beautiful, making it very romantic and dreamy to walk along the sidewalks at night!

Tokyo Disneysea

This is the ONLY sea themed Disney theme park in the entire world (for now) and that itself should excite anyone! It is located within the same region as Tokyo Disneyland and both parks are right beside each other.

Prior to my trip, I read a lot of mixed reviews about Disneysea. Some said it is better than Disneyland and others said it is nothing great. Not knowing which to believe, I went for it anyway since I was already in Tokyo.


I went to Disneysea bright and early (9am) and it was partially cloudy but the sun eventually came out at around noon!



In Disneyland, this would be the main street of USA, not sure if it is the same here in Disneysea! Anyway, since I went around Christmas period, the decor was up and the atmosphere was lovely! The light breezy Japanese winter made it felt so much like Christmas.


Feeling the Cali vibe in Tokyo.

So everyone is given a chance to redeem fast past tickets for certain rides and made full use of it! It really cuts waiting time by a whole lot because the theme park was surprisingly filled with locals and not tourist. I’m guessing they are annual pass holders.


Little Mermaid – Under The Sea.

The little girl in me was EXTREMELY happy!! If you know me, you’d know that I love bright and pastel colours and this is exactly where I would fit in!!! Nevermind the ride was childish, the aesthetics and environment made me a happy kid.



I’ve never been to any Mediterranean country but I am in awe of this beautiful replica architecture. These were cafes and restaurants for patrons to dine. I tried their infamous turkey leg and it was finger licking good!


Tower of Terror!

I’ve sat on this ride in Paris Disneyland and gave it a miss in Disneysea because it is essentially the same ride and the queue time was over 100 minutes for this. True to its name, the drop when it reaches the top is sudden and in my opinion probably the best ride in this theme park!


The atmosphere at the main street after the sun sets, festive and romantic. I’m a sucker for these type of atmosphere and it would be such a perfect date night idea to be here. Imagine having a hand to hold while walking down this street along with a hot chocolate to sip on.


Toyville – Toy Story!

This is the most HYPED up ride and I didn’t manage to ride on it. The fast past for the day has already finished when I arrived and that made me want to see what’s it all about even more! But the unreasonable queue time of 120 minutes was something I couldn’t bring myself to do.


Disneysea didn’t have a castle, nor does it have a parade to end the evening. Instead, they had a lights and water show by the volcano. It was definitely freezing cold sitting out here on a winter night at 6pm waiting for the show to start, but I guess you can say it was worth it as it is unlike the ones in Disneyland!


The night ended with some spectacular fireworks!

While I enjoyed myself in Disneysea, I didn’t think it was a spectacular theme park. I still prefer Disneyland over this sea-themed park!

Tokyo Disneyland

As a huge Disney fan and a child at heart, this is definitely my zone!!! One of my bucket list is to visit all 6 Disneylands and Worlds and I am halfway there (for now).

I was a little sad that the weather forecast showed that it would be cloudy today because that means gloomy and bad pictures, sigh. But luckily it wasn’t all that bad and the sun eventually made some appearances!


This makes me the HAPPIEST! I couldn’t stop saying “to the castle, to the castle!”. I really cannot and will not get enough of this castle view and I think if I lived in a country which has a Disneyland, I would get the season pass.




I’ve been to Disneyland a couple of times but this is probably my first time queuing up for so many talk-show type of attraction. From the outside, I couldn’t tell that it wouldn’t be a ride as the queue for it was really long as well! One inside, I will be surprised with a talk-show. Worst part is that it is all conducted in Japanese and I couldn’t understand!



Toy Story! I didn’t intentionally sit on the sidewalks and wait for the parade, I just chanced upon it. One thing about the Japanese would be that they would actually bring mats, sit on the ground for a really long time and wait for the parade. A little extreme.




The sun was out! And it was so magical! The thing about Disneyland is that EVERY corner is beautiful, photo-worthy and it makes my heart very happy seeing all the bright and vibrant colours!!



Making my way home into my castle! *dreams





It’s always a jolly good time in  Disneyland and I always feel like a kid again here with all the happy cheerful vibes and Disney songs.

Goodbye! Till next time!

Hakone, Japan.

I chose to visit Hakone not for their famous onsen but because I wanted to view Mt Fuji, which I did but unfortunately did not have the best picture for it. Hakone is a beautiful small town off Tokyo and easily accessible as well.


A short overhead bridge which connects you to to the main part of town! Behind it is pretty scenic and it doesn’t get closer to nature than this.



Here’s a glimpse of the small town and the red autumn leaves which greeted me in winter. A very pleasant and beautiful sight, I must add.

I took the infamous Hakone loop after lunch and hopped from one location to another. It was the perfect combo for those doing a day trip like me as it covers the main sights without too much of walking.

Making a stop at Owakudani, here’s an active volcanic site.



I stop by at Owakudani for their infamous black sulphur egg. Eggs which have black shells because it was cooked in sulphur. Truth be told, it tasted very much like every other hard-boiled egg. Rumour has it, for every sulphur egg you eat you’ll live up to 8 years longer.

Not the best picture of Mount Fuji because it was unfortunately cloudly! I was extremely excited at the sight of this and it definitely made my day and entire trip! I was hoping to be able to see this infamous snow capped mountain and I was lucky enough that the clouds weren’t blocking it, well at least 75% of it was visible!


I boarded this pirate ship and went around Lake Ashi after. It was a very slow and calm journey with Wifi onboard.


Look how picturesque my sight was?! It is definitely postcard worthy, hands down and no arguments about it! I am definitely a huge, huge, huge lover of picturesque views and scenery and this definitely made me happy!

Despite not visiting their famous Hakone Shrine and hot baths, it was still a great day trip. I was very pleased that I caught more than a few glimpse of Mount Fuji and the picturesque view of Lake Ashi and Owakudani was a bonus!

Yokohama, Japan

I made a day trip to Yokohama from Tokyo and it is absolutely beautiful! In slightly over an hour, I arrived in Yokohama and it was love at first sight. While I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Yokohama offered a breath of fresh air and scenic views.




I made my way to Minato Mirai, a famous and scenic area which is popular among tourist and local alike. It’s a Japanese version of Marina Bay (Singapore) and it has that modern touch that reminds me of Tokyo.


It was an incredibly beautiful and sunny day, perfect for a stroll in this bustling area. It was the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. There was a right amount of cool breeze and sunshine which made it a pleasant start to the day.

The building on the far left is supposedly the tallest building in Yokohama and this picture in particular, reminds me of Marina Bay. I can only imagine how pretty this area is by night. Also not forgetting it would be pretty romantic to take midnight walks along this bay area.


Walking further down brings me to yet another stunning and beautiful view. I would say that this area is definitely postcard-worthy. This view in particular, reminds me very much of London.

Back in the 70s, the Japanese were SO GOOD at imitating others countries and no points for guessing where they got their inspiration for this one. I would say that they did a good job in copying the London Eye and Tower Bridge.


At the end of Minato Mirai, I continued my journey on foot across the street and chanced upon this beautiful and peaceful area.


The shades of blue from the sky to sea was such a beautiful sight. This somehow looks like an image which could be mistaken for an area in Sydney. Not that I have been there but I have definitely seen enough images to make an assumption.

Moving away from the bay area and making my way towards their infamous Chinatown, I happen to capture this beautiful picture by chance. As I made my way closer to my next destination, I was greeted by a different scene. One which almost resembles Paris.



Or maybe the autumn leaves played a part in creating a romantic and picturesque sight.


Here I am at the entrance of Chinatown! To be honest, all Chinatown looks the same to me. It was just really odd that the shop keepers were all conversing in Japanese and none in Mandarin.




I have to say that I am impressed by this Chinese temple I chanced upon while wandering within Chinatown. While small in size, their architecture did not disappoint. It is pretty obvious that this temple has been around for the longest time because this type of sophisticated designs are no longer common sights in today’s design as we lean towards modern and simple designs.

Yokohama is a beautiful port which offers more than just beautiful sights. There’s a combination of modern and traditional designs and elements which makes the town interesting on its own. I stopped by at the Cup Noodle Museum and had a good time appreciating the origins of instant noodles. I enjoyed the walk along Minato Mirai and the hustle and bustle within Chinatown. While it is nothing compared to Tokyo, it has its own distinct characteristic which makes it worth visiting.